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California’s business and political environment is diverse, dynamic and constantly evolving. PJF Communications works with its clients to invest wisely in clearly defined goals and strategies – with measurable outcomes that define business interests and public interests.

• Develop effective communications programs and strategies that influence public policy and the outcome of elections.
• Develop grass-roots and coalition support programs that make convincing cases that one’s business interests can also be of public interest to a community.
• Develop media and communication strategies that enhance and protect the client’s public reputation and interests. All too often a client’s business interests are influenced or even dependent on the public’s perception of their business or industry. PJF Communications develops communication strategies that protect public reputations and the client’s bottom line.
• Develop media and communications strategies that effectively promote business interests and enhance public reputations.
• Develop third party support and crisis management strategies that protect the client’s interests.
• Coordinate newspaper editorial board meetings, op-eds and speech writing.
• Develop websites and communication tools.

The opportunity for California’s business community to influence the outcome of elections and public policy has never been more challenging, with risks that have lasting consequences. This is why some of the state’s most prominent trade associations and businesses have invested in PJF Communication’s strategies that complement or enhance their political stature when negotiating with key public policy leaders.

• Develop new and strong working relationships with key decision makers and opinion leaders in federal, state and local government.
• Create statements, speeches and communication strategies for congressional, state and local public hearings. Political positioning is critical when an association or business is threatened by those who endanger their economic interests by decisions being made in Washington D.C., the California State Capitol, City Hall or at the ballot box. Our clients are prepared and positioned to adapt to California’s changing political environment.
• Full service management or consultation for all types of political campaigns -- candidate committees, independent expenditure committees, state initiatives and local ballots measures.
• Coalition and grass-roots programs that enhance the ability of business and trade organizations to influence the outcome of public policy and elections.

Far too often, issues facing the business community, an industry or a project are not understood or misinterpreted by the general public and media. If your business interests require the support of increasingly skeptical public and elected leaders, PJF Communications can provide you with the strategies and communication tools to effectively communicate the benefits of your business interests.

• Develop grassroots, political and public education programs to build awareness and support for public policy and client issues.
• Develop earned media opportunities and communication tools that include editorial board meetings, Op-ed placements, brochures and websites.
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